Intermittent fasting - the future of sustainable weight loss

Fasting, or rather intermittent fasting, has truly seen an upswing in popularity in the last year and the trend is set to explode. Intermittent being the key word, this new and fresh approach sees old school fasting routines dusted off and modernised to fit into today’s up and go-lifestyles. Historically, fasting has always proved efficient for people who want to shed a few pounds, but there has also always been the issue of how to embrace this long term. Missing out on certain nutrients and dealing with tiredness and a clouded mind has unavoidably positioned original fasting as yoyo dieting, making it understandably difficult for people to fully commit. 

Intermittent fasting suggests a shorter fasting window and a frequency to suit each individual and can be even more efficient when supported by certain health-boosting supplements, something that new collagen drinks brand Ancient + Brave has cleverly snapped up. Their range of powders and oils are made with the world’s most potent col…