Friday, 28 July 2017

Enter the Brazilian Zero Downtime facial 

Top skin expert Dr Joney De Souza has devised the Brazilian Zero downtime facial which gives glowing skin using customised live products with a range of technologies. Dr De Souza wanted to give fantastic results with zero downtime.
Dr De Souza uses his unique ‘face mapping’ system to clearly outline niggles followed by his super skin prepping method to create the perfect foundation for the microdermabrasion, IPL, LED. He then finishes off with a personalized Brazilian mask depending on your skin type, and you’ll then be shown images of your skin pre and post the facial.

First Dr De Souza will use the De Souza Face Mapper which he devised to give you a complete picture of how you are aging. This mapper divides the face into 3 aspects (lines + wrinkles, volume + contour and Skin texture + pigmentation). You may have blood tests and further tests to give Dr De Souza a comprehensive understanding of your skin where relevant.

Once he is aware of your skin concerns, Milena his facialist will create a customized facial for you using active bespoke products which are packed with native Brazilian ingredients from Papaya, Pineapple and ground wild crafted nuts. ‘Castanha do Para’ have proven anti-ageing and detoxifying benefits. Milena believes that the results are super enhanced by prepping the skin before any technology is applied. She believes that IPL and laser are up to 70% more effective when the skin’s surface is cleansed and exfoliated, as there is no barrier so it allows the machines to work optimally.

Whatever is making your skin appear lacklustre whether it be congestion, lack of elastin/collagen or redness and pigmentation, this wonder combination of product and technology allows your skin to feel calm, look radiant and become super hydrated.

How? The microdermabrasion and IPL works to increase collagen production as well as really clarify the skin by giving it a new squeaky clean texture. IPL is also a hero at reducing redness, pigmentation, broken capillaries as well as reducing wrinkles, fine lines and shrinking pores while it super charges collagen production. The LED light with the mask calms and hydrates the skin and literally increases the metabolism of the cell.

End result? The skin appears plumped up, glowing and your skin tone is clarified. Skin will feel softer and pores will appear smaller. A no downtime required, dream facial.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

LA’s Thought Spinner Melody Moore comes to triyoga 

Workshops run from – 30th August – 1st September 
Check in with Dr Melody Moore, the ‘thought spinner’ who will teach you how to feel better about yourself through yoga, discussion and film. Her series of transformational workshops will empower you to embrace yourself and love yourself more exactly as you are. Dr Moore uses her training as a psychologist and her expert yoga knowledge to effectively harness the mind/body connection effortlessly bringing people multi-leveled balance. Expect to enjoy a flowing Vinyasa sequence which was developed to leave you feeling renewed and empowered. There is also time to ask questions at the end of the workshop. You will leave feeling a sense of calm and contentment and be more at ease with yourself in your daily life. 

To book visit or call 0207 483 3344

Enter the Brazilian Zero Downtime facial  Top skin expert Dr Joney De Souza has devised the  Brazilian Zero downtime facial  whi...